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Rebecca Zane, Store Manager
I was always interested in herbs, etc., and often shopped at Garner’s for years. I finally applied.
Favorite Product
Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Healthforce Vitamineral Green, Healthforce Spirulina, Genesis Today Goji Berry Juice, Zuzu makeup and Acure Face Care. I love whole food/superfood supplements because I think they are better absorbed—your body sees it as food and utilizes it better than an isolated vitamin. Vitamineral Green and Spirulina are two greens that I take every day. I also couldn’t live without Acure facial products—pure ingredients and inexpensive!
Lydia Erwin
I started researching healthy lifestyles due to food allergies, and was blessed to get a job at Garner’s where I can help others to become healthier as well.
Favorite Product
My favorite product would have to be Etherium Gold by Harmonic Innerprizes. It’s a monatomic mineral supplement for brain focus.
Sammy Dumbrosky
I have always been interested in herbal medicine and its history, so applying to work at Garner’s seemed like a great fit. I have been a customer for years and became friends with some of the staff.
Favorite Product
My favorite product is lion’s mane mushrooms, which are great for focus and mental energy. Mushrooms are very underrated even though they have so many uses.
Sarah Crawford
I had been looking for a job in natural health and my co-worker, Crystal, told me that Garner’s was hiring. I jumped at the opportunity and have been with them ever since.
Favorite Product
BrainON by E3Live is great for brain and energy support. It’s a blue-green algae. I prefer the single-serve packets so that I can let them thaw individually as needed. The product also contains phycocyanin and phenylethylamine to balance mood.
Susan Clark, CNHP
I had worked at Garner’s previously and had an opportunity to come back. It was the best choice I ever made.
Favorite Product
My all-time favorite product is the Magnesium Body Balm by Mg12. I use it for pain, as deodorant and under any makeup.
Terri White
I was a customer at Garner’s for many years. I have learned so much and love sharing with others my own experiences in pursuit of wellness. I sought out Garner’s as an employer because of their integrity and their love for their customers and employees.
Favorite Product
My favorite product is Algae Omega by Nordic Naturals. It delivers my omega-3 fatty acids in plant form and is a great antihistamine for me.
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