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Vanessa Rampey, Store Manager
After working in the greenhouse/nursery industry, I wanted to work indoors and still wanted to learn about herbs and help people
Favorite Product
DoTerra On Guard Protective Blend. I put the oil on the bottoms of my feet every night. I really think it has helped keep me well during the cold/flu season.
Alex Angell
I was interested in working for Garner’s since I discovered them about one year ago, and applied last summer. When I received a call from Angie last October, I immediately and happily jumped at the opportunity to work for them.
Favorite Product
Lateral Root Kava: Kava root is the plant that started my interest in, and passion for, herbalism and natural medicines. The lateral roots of the kava plant are much stronger and more consistent than its underground roots, and prior to Garner’s I have not found this variety made available other than through internet vendors.
Atir Sveska-Sharpe, CNHP
Atir has worked for Garner's for 2 years and has a background education in natural health.
Favorite Product
Healthforce Vitamineral Green because it contains all the nutrients to sustain life. It is beyond a multi-vitamin, and it is a totally raw food product made by a company that puts ethics, health and quality above everything else.
David Garner, CNHP
I have always loved cooking fresh, organic foods. I have always loved the smell and the preparation of herbs to incorporate in food. (I attended cooking school)...the food scene can be pretty intense though and I was wanting something different. My mum (Mrs. Garner herself) had a position open and I thought it was a great time to learn the family business.
Favorite Product
Healthforce Vitamineral Green, Healthforce Earth, Hemp Meds CBD oil, Fungi Perfecti medicinal mushrooms, Reishi mushrooms, Chaga mushrooms and Maitake mushrooms.
Gwendolyn Brown, CNHP
Retired, studied natural health in New Jersey under Dr. Robert H. Sorge, wanting to work where I could help and encourage people about natural health.
Favorite Product
Bentonite Clay, Healthforce Cool Green Protein Powder and True Energy Capsules.
JoAnn Philips
I was a regular customer at Garner’s for several years. I have always had an interest in natural supplements and I was really excited when I got the opportunity to work for such a wonderful company.
Favorite Product
Bee pollen is my favorite product because it has all the nutrients you need to survive!
Kelly Giraldo
I have shopped at Garner’s prior to getting hired and I loved the environment. I also wanted to learn more about herbs.
Favorite Product
Vitamineral Green by Healthforce is my favorite product because it provides me with my daily nutrition that is especially important on the days when I don’t eat as well. Also it energizes me for the entire day.
Leila Scogin, CNHP
I had been shopping at Garner’s for years. I moved out of the state for a while, and when I moved back to Greenville a couple of years ago, I decided to put in an application and got the job! I’ve been in love with it ever since.
Favorite Product
Healthforce’s Vitamineral Green. I try to get all my supplements from whole food. Not only is Vitamineral Green whole food, it’s vegan, gluten-free, and contains your complete multi. It’s a great pick-me-up when you need a little energy, too.
Maria Sitzmann, CNHP
I’ve been a customer since 1995 when I moved to Greenville. One of the reasons I always chose Garner’s was because I knew whatever product I chose would be of the best quality and the most effective.
Favorite Product
My favorite product as of the moment is Quality of Life Immune Complex. This formula is wonderful because it contains a combination of mushrooms and Andrographis which is a little herb; however, it has powerful immune-boosting properties.
Sharon Cooper, CNHP
I came to Garner’s because of an interest in natural healing through cleansing and detoxing the body to help get rid of pain and soreness. I also wanted to learn more about helping others with herbs.
Favorite Product
One of my favorite products is oregano oil. It’s antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. It also has antibiotic properties. I use it almost every day.
Sherri McCall, CNHP
When I started at Garner’s, I was on 7 prescription drugs. I didn’t know anything about natural health. Over the years, I talked to other employees and learned a lot. I would tackle one issue at time, so it took a while, but after a couple of years, I weaned myself off all the prescriptions. I take no prescription medicines now.
Favorite Product
I have many. Vega protein and/or Transitions Hormone Balance and/or Cocowell True energy: I do not like to eat in the a.m. Vega is protein and it’s a great meal in one drink. Cellular Uplift Mood Stabilizer: Makes you happy.
Susan Ledbetter, Marketing Manager
I had been in the natural products industry for several years and I was looking to expand my knowledge and felt that Garner’s would be a perfect fit!
Favorite Product
I have also been frustrated by natural skin beauty products. That’s why when I found Mychelle Pumpkin Renew Cream, I knew I had found an amazing product. After using this product for only two weeks, I was hooked. I love the way my skin feels and looks!
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