Himalayan Salt

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Many people are attracted to Himalayan Salt Lamps because of their beautiful warm orange glow. These lamps finding homes on many nightstands and around the house to help promote relaxation and a calm environment. Their physical appeal is what attracts most people but there are many health benefits to having a salt lamp in your home. The lamps are known to help clean the air, decrease allergy symptoms, and enhance wellbeing. They do this by a couple different reasons. Salt lamps can generate negative ions which in short is comparable to what happens in nature. Negative ions are naturally found in places with waterfalls or beaches. Salt lamps are also known to be hygroscopic meaning the salt attracts the water in the air and then cleanses it and releases back into the air. This ability to cleanse the air is why salt lamps have been known to help with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory disturbances. Use the salt lamp for health benefits or just as a beautiful bedside lamp and you are sure to be pleased.

Where do your Salt Lamps come from?

Our himalayan salt lamps come from Iviva! A local, family owned company in upstate SC. From the Himalayas to South Carolina these salt lamps are handcrafted outside of the Greenville area and a Certified SC product!

What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salt can provide other benefits besides those found in using salt lamps. Many people find soaking in a tub full of himalayan salt to be the best remedy for skin irritations, pain, muscle cramps, or soreness. It is also a wonderful way to facilitate detoxing within the body.

Himalayan salt can also be taken internally as a mineral replacement. Himalayan salt has over 84 trace minerals and has been mined from deep within the Himalayan mountains away from any pollution and clean from any toxins. Thus it is a wonderful way to supplement minerals!
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