Aromatherapy Diffusers

Essential Oils are becoming super popular lately. There are many ways to benefit from the use of aromatherapy. One of those ways is by diffusing essential oils. We at Garner's carry many different options of diffusers. We carry Now diffusers which are very easy to use. Simply fill the container up with tap water and add a couple drops (or more if you prefer) of your favorite essential oil and begin enjoying the benefits of oils. The Now diffusers that we carry use ultrasonic diffusion to release the essential oil smell. Most of the Now diffusers have minimal mist that come when diffusing except for the faux wood model. The faux wood model actually doubles as a diffuser and a humidifier. So if you would like both benefits this is the diffuser for you! The faux wood diffuser is a customer favorite!
 When picking out your diffuser pick one based on the space or the room which you would like to keep the unit in. If you are wanting one for a smaller space, such as an office space or possibly the car. We have two diffusers for these purposes. They use USB power cords and must be plugged into a USB port of a computer or car, or a USB block (apple block) to be used in the wall. All the other diffusers have regular power plugs. 
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